Getting in sync with soccer

An innovative trademarked training methodology created and used only by So Cal Training, LLC and it’s employees.

These methods have been tested and have shown massive technical improvements in every player who uses them. Our regiment is arranged so that a 6 year old can be successful in their development just as well as any collegiate or professional player can.

PULSE™ training started as a way to gain rhythm and timing while dribbling the soccer ball. In time PULSE™ became a part of almost every aspect of the game for players training with SCT. Players can now receive the ball, pass the ball, juggle the ball, dribble the ball, and shoot the ball with much more speed, rhythm, and timing. The players are kept in time during all different activities with a digital device called a metronome.

The metronome, which is used by musicians around the world, is an unbeatable teaching tool that forces a players concentration level to be extremely high.

Once we feel a player has reached a goal while training with the metronome we simply speed up the device to make them reach a new goal at a higher speed pushing them to mental and physical peaks they normally could not reach.

Length of session : 1 hour 15 minutes
Price : $160 [4 sessions @ $40]
Max Ratio : Approx. 6-1