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So Cal Training was founded by Matt and Greg Baker in the early 2000’s. The purpose was to provide players an environment that was beyond anything they had experienced at their current club, college, and pro teams. This private training regimen was designed solely for the individual and their specific needs. The focus was not team oriented but a completely customized approach to the sport. Team sessions are for the betterment of the entire squad. So Cal Training is geared towards impacting the needs of the individual. If you want to put your athlete into an arena that pushes players to be at their best each time they step on the pitch, So Cal Training will provide that advanced level of performance.

The Bakers have given over 50,000 lessons and are the leaders in teaching players how to be technical in a competitive way. Soccer coaches in America have been instructed to coach a certain way, forcing most athletes in this country to be followers, and a step behind. We cannot expect our American athletes to develop the same way athletes do in soccer dominant countries. That is not to say that we cannot develop in our own way, with our own teachings to maximize player talent and potential.  Many claim that “development” is the correct attitude, stressing its importance over winning. Coaches, parents, and players are told that this is what will get their athlete to the next level. The So Cal Training staff embodies a different philosophy. We know from experience that intense levels of competition in training, practice and games, are the best tools for maximizing player development. Learning how to win, why we should strive to win, and where winning ultimately takes us, are of the utmost importance to a competitive athlete. Our staff is very talented and capable of implementing such ideals into training sessions that are complemented by technical style. This teaches the athlete that being technical while competitive is the goal. Once confidence is gained, our staff will aggressively urge players to attempt techniques at their peak speeds, under pressure, while focusing on the skill at hand. The objective of supplemental training is to improve at a faster rate, thus creating an impactful athlete, and ultimately producing more personal victories for that player. We are not afraid to promote the importance of winning and we will demand that our players attempt to win and compete at all times. Our staff has witnessed exponential growth in the players who train with a competitive mind-set. 

This regimen is not for every athlete. We understand that there are different ideas about how players should be coached. Our coaches have the experience, resume, and proof that these assertive techniques are pushing players through boundaries faster and more efficiently than any other training company in the country. We stress that each parent understand that our goal is to push each child out of comfort zones and into uncharted territories. Our players will see this sport in a way they never have before, ultimately creating the most confident, competitive, and explosive athlete possible.



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